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Australian Shepherds 




Our family consists of Dorothy A Montano and Joe V Roybal. We have been involved in the breeding and showing of Australian Shepherds since 1992. We live on 8 acres entirely fenced for dogs, south of Albuquerque New Mexico. We raise Quarter Horses as well as Australian Shepherds. Both Joe and I are Registered Nurses and Joe is now retired from Nursing. We are active in several local dog clubs and enjoy planning and implementing local shows.
Dorothy is a Senior Breeder Judge and has has the pleasure of Judging Australian Shepherds around the country and in Europe.



At Los Suenos, we have bred pups with the potential to do herding, conformation, agility, obedience and/or tracking as well as being loving family pets. We screen prospective puppy owners so that we may place the right pup in the right home.

We pride ourselves on the temperament of our dogs. </> Reserved towards strangers at first, intelligence, inquisitiveness, and loyalty, we breed for loving, resilient Aussies. Our pups are born in the house and remain inside until 4 weeks old. They are handled daily, weighed and fussed over. We socialize extensively during the critical 6-14 week old period so they are well bonded to people. We temperament test at 6 and 8 weeks old so we can match pups to their prospective families lifestyles. Our resident feline "Kitty-Lou", also socializes all our puppies to cats, a job she takes very seriously.


First pick puppy should be the same quality as fifth pick. We would like everyone who takes a puppy from Los Suenos to feel they have pick puppy. We carefully select Sire and Dam to compliment each other in conformation and temperament as well as pedigree. We have carefully researched our lines and will not breed unless we are certain we are not perpetuating problems.


Correct movement and structure are a priority at Los Suenos, so our dogs will have the stamina to do what they are bred for. All our breeding stock have their hips X-rayed by a qualified Vet, and the films sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to obtain a rating. No animal is bred until obtaining a passing rating. Ask us at any time to see the results of any of our breeding stock's OFA ratings. Those who do not pass will be spayed/neutered and placed as pets. We are blessed in that we have had only good hips on all the dogs we have done.

All our pups are checked for CEA -Collie Eye Anomaly, before 10 weeks of agee by an Ophthalmologist and our breeding stock is checked yearly for Cataracts, PRA- Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Colobomas.


When you buy a pup from Los Suenos the relationship doesn't end there. We are available at anytime, to answer questions, give advice and give our opinions. If there is something we do not know, we can ask other Breeders to find the answer to a question. Even if you do not own a Los Suenos dog, our advice is forthcoming. Anything we can do to educate people with the goal of advancing the breed, is time well spent!





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